5 reasons why traveling solo is so amazing


5 good reasons that will inspire you to start traveling solo

Some people get super surprised when I tell them I prefer to travel by myself. And they ask me, “Do you get scared?”, “Do you ever feel lonely?” Others just feel pity for solo travelers, they believe that we do it because we don’t have any friends to come with us.

And let me tell you: They have no idea what they are talking about!

Actually, traveling alone is a very common thing. The first time I went on a backpacking trip, I went to Costa Rica and I had a great time, but also, a very bad one. It was good because I fell in love with this way of traveling, I met amazing people and I realized that I could be by myself abroad. It was also a bad experience because I didn’t get along with my companion, we had very different interests. In fact, this trip opened my eyes and I broke up with him.

From that very moment, I decided that I would travel alone. I saved some money working on cruise ships and then spent six months in New Zealand. The “problem” is really enjoyed traveling on my own.

I remember the first night in Auckland. I walked —alone— by Queen Street and there was this girl singing a cover of Kate Bush. Just her and a speaker. She was a hell of a singer! It was late and the street was empty. I remember thinking how good I felt, so free, so happy.

There is no one to travel with? It depends. There are people who would do it but they cannot, either for their work commitments, personal or economic reasons, fear, whatever. I also got bored of being told “Hey, let’s go backpacking!” And after a few months, I see their travel desire get sucked by different circumstances. 

I have adjusted my life around my travels. For me is essential and there is nothing that will replace the desire of seeing new places. It would be pointless to wait for others to think alike.

New experiences give me adrenaline rushes. And I rarely feel lonely. In fact, I enjoy being alone and I like meeting new people from different cultures. When traveling by myself I have complete freedom. If I want to go to one place, I go. If I want to eat oatmeal for a week, I do it. There where moments when I felt kind of lonely (I am human!), but they are very few, compared with all those times when I appreciated being by myself.

5 reasons why travelling solo is amazing:

1. You will be free

New Zealand, 2010.

Because you have complete freedom to do whatever you want, the way you want, without asking someone’s opinion. Sometimes when you are on a group you see yourself forced to do things. You end up wasting time in money in things that you knew from the beginning wasn’t going to give you something valuable.

2. You will meet a lot of people

Solo travelers are more accessible than groups. The key is to keep an open mind. In my travels, I met a lot of people traveling on their own because they want to. In New Zealand, I met solo travelers who were on the road for long periods of time. Until to this day, I keep great friends from that trip. Remember, traveling alone is not the same as being lonely.

3. You will step out of your comfort zone


Traveling alone for the first time will be the test of your life: are you able to survive in a foreign country, where perhaps they do not even speak your language? Believe me, when you think you cannot do this, your instincts will help you. You will learn to be humble and you will appreciate acts of kindness from strangers.

4. You will pay more attention to detail

When you travel solo, you are much more aware of your surroundings. Scents, sounds, landscapes, people around you. You can travel at your own pace, with no one rushing you.

5. You will grow and get more independent

Even though I’m scared of highs, I challenged myself to hike a glacier. Franz Josef, NZ (2010).

I think it is absolutely necessary to develop and grow individually, enjoy being by yourself, and get to know you. Life can pass through the window while you wait for somebody to join you on your travels. You will face a lot of new challenges and you will like it.

A journey on your own might change your life. It’s way easier than what you expect. Would you travel alone?

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