14 reasons to visit Vietnam

There are plenty of reasons to visit Vietnam and I really think it should be at the top of everyone’s travel list. I went in 2016 and I miss it ever since. It’s noisy and calm at the same time, charming and full of history. I literally loved every minute of my trip in Vietnam and my Instagram is full of images of this gorgeous country, so I made a selection of some of my favorites postcards of Vietnam, a mind-blowing destination that will electrify all of your senses.


Vietnam must have one of the most amazing street life I have ever experienced. Vietnamese tend to do everything on the sidewalks: they cook, they eat, they work, they party. And if they are not in the street itself, they are on top of their motorbikes. For curious people like me it’s very interesting to watch them doing their daily activities in the open, so we travelers can walk around their streets like real spectators of their lives.


Vietnam it’s full of color and you can find it everywhere: in its dramatic landscapes, in their boats, in their yellow buildings, and in the bright pajamas that Vietnamese women wear even outside their homes.


I am a big fan of Asian food in general, but Vietnam definitely stole my heart. Whether it’s street food, or products you buy in the markets or eating in a restaurant, the food in Vietnam is nothing short of amazing. And eating in one of these street spots is always fun and very affordable.


This UNESCO site is a reason alone to visit Vietnam. Ha Long is a bay consisting of almost a 1000 islands that surround you the minute you step off the land. And they will take your breath away. I deeply recommend to go kayaking: you will feel very small admiring the peaks from the sea. You can also go to the pearl farm to learn the story behind the process of cultivated pearls.


The country’s turbulent past is absolutely fascinating and it’s one of the multiple reasons to visit Vietnam: the country was occupied and divided by various countries for decades and the colonial influences are present in the food and architecture. I think Vietnamese are admirable. Friendliness is present in every corner and they will love to get to know you and genuinely show interest in who you are.

And the kids are so cute!

And if these 14 reasons to visit Vietnam are not enough, believe me. If you visit the country you will find a great place full of surprises.

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