Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige in Mexico in detail


On December 5, I arrived in Cancun after a long flight via Mexico City from Chile. My mission? Get to know the new Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige, inaugurated on November 15, 2018.

On the one hand, I was happy to receive the invitation of the Spanish hotel company to know this concept of luxury for adults only. But on the other, I was anxious since I’ve never included resorts in my content.

After meditating, I came to the conclusion that I share travel experiences, be it in hotels, hostels, AirBnB, in destinations very different from each other. Even though the Caribbean is not my favorite destination, Mexico and its beaches (including the Mexican Caribbean) are within my top 10 favorite places in the world. It is, in fact, next to the United States, the country that I have visited the most.

I arrived at the Cancun airport at about 11 am local time, two hours less than in Chile. The airport is a delight: expeditious, friendly staff, and has a welcome bar at the exit. Our driver was waiting for Pame (another blogger) and me to take us on a 20 minute trip to the Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige.

Iberostar Cancun (left) and Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige (right). View from the beach.

He left us at the Iberostar Cancun, next to the Star (they are two hotels), and took us in some golf carts to the lobby of the tower. For us to understand, the Star Prestige is a tower of 13 floors and 156 rooms that includes exclusive services, located on the beachfront, right next to the Iberostar Cancun.

What does the Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige include

Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige passengers have access to the entire Iberostar complex, such as a golf course, a luxury spa, 4 specialty restaurants, and 11 swimming pools. One of them includes a bar so you can literally swim to order your piña colada.

The view from my balcony.

The Star Prestige also includes a concierge, 24-hour room service, a private beach club, all meals, both buffet, and specialty restaurants.

Junior Suite Ocean Front Star Prestige Room

In the Junior Suite Ocean Front Star Prestige room you can find:

  • Air conditioner
  • Minibar
  • Coffee maker (serves for tea too)
  • Towels
  • Toiletries brand L’Occitane
  • Hair dryer
  • L’Occitane bathroom products


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And as you can see in the pictures, my room has a king bed with a wide selection of pillows for all tastes, a desk (it was very useful), a large armchair ideal to recline in the evenings to read and a balcony with Jacuzzi with an unbeatable view in front of the turquoise waters of Cancun.

All switches have touch technology. And you can connect your Spotify account via Bluetooth to the speakers in your room. And believe me, you will never hear the music of the guest -or other noises- of the adjoining room.

The concept is innovative and sophisticated. The decoration of the Star Prestige is extremely careful. For example, in the rooms, everything is a mix of blue and white colors with coral touches.

The bathroom has two sinks, a large shower and the toilet in a separate room in the same bathroom. It has a large mirror and a small one with a light. In addition, it has a sliding door. If you open it, you can shower while watching the sea.


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, especially when I stay in hotels. The Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige did not disappoint: the first 4 days I left aside my usual porridge with yogurt and fruit and started every day with tuna, salmon, and cheese. There are days when unfortunately I did not get up for breakfast because I stayed working on my exquisite king bed.

Great breakfast: salmon, tuna, fried plantain, cream cheese, caviar, berries.

There is also the option of room service with a variety of dishes and drinks to order.

Fish and seafood are the strength of the restaurants, although La Parrilla (at the Iberostar Cancun) is not far behind with its meat, especially with the Angus cut ribeye.

Cucumber and salmon at the buffet of La Parrilla restaurant.

Salads at the Star Prestige buffet abound, as do cheeses, pasta, sushi, and Mexican dishes. There are absolutely for all tastes. In my case, lactose intolerant, I always found rich and healthy options to take care of my stomach.

Yummy salads at the Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige buffet.
The stars of the buffet: salmon, shrimp, and lobster.
A wide selection of pizza.
A variety of cheese.
The Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige, buffet: small, but never pequeño, but never crowded.

The specialty restaurants located at the Iberostar to which Star Prestige guests have access are:

  • El Maguey, Mexican food.
  • Naga Hibachi, Japanese food.
  • La Horma, French gastronomy.
  • La Parrilla, grilled meat.
  • Antiguo Laguito, buffet with more international options.
Mexican food at El Antiguo Laguito buffet, in Iberostar Cancun hotel.
Mexican sweets.

Meanwhile, if you want something quick, you can have a coffee at the Starcafé 24 h. In the Star Prestige tower, there is also a snack bar.


The staff is extremely attentive and genuinely cheerful, always ready to help you or just give you a smile.

The friendly staff at the Iberostar Cancun and the Star Prestige.
Spa staff after a great massage at the beach.

In addition, as the Star Prestige has a more exclusive character, there is more dedication to each guest.

There is also a tour desk to book guided excursions to the different tourist attractions of Cancun, such as Chichen Itza, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, and others.

Iberostar has an application for smartphones, easy to use, which includes a map and a detail of all hotel activities. Available in English.

Gym and spa

The spa and gym are located at the Iberostar Cancun and both are very well equipped. The spa has a number of different options, such as massages to stimulate the metabolism and eliminate toxins to massage with hot or relaxing stones, facials, manicure, haircut, and a long etcetera.

Iberostar Star Prestige: the details

The Iberostar hotels have an aroma that characterizes them, a mixture of flowers and freshness that does not go unnoticed, but which is very pleasant to smell.

The spaces are spacious, you never feel surrounded by people, neither on the beach nor in the main pool of the tower nor in the buffet, which is very, very nice.

Infinity swimming pool at the Star Prestige.
Terrace Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige.
Snack bar Star Prestige.
Terrace, bar and infinity swimming pool in front of the ocean.

In addition, the Iberostar Cancun has its own Golf Club with a fantastic location in the heart of the hotel district.

Who has access to the Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige?

There are two options: obtain membership for Star Prestige members or reserve the room in the tower.

A little about Iberostar

The Iberostar Group is a Spanish company that was born in 1956 from a small travel agency. Today its hotels are present in more than 50 destinations, including the best tourist spots in Europe, North Africa, and America.

The company has three products or categories:

Grand (the most luxurious)

How is Iberostar different from its competitors?

Cancun is a destination that stands out for its luxury hotels, therefore, it is important to list the characteristics that make Iberostar the favorite hotel chain of many travelers, especially of many Chileans.

In the words of Rafael Carmona, Operations Director of the company, Iberostar has:

  • Access to the best beaches.
  • Hotels located on the beachfront.
  • Very friendly staff.
  • Gastronomy.
  • Sustainability, concern for the environment and people, commitment to the development of tourism, projects with local communities, respect for legislation, in order to generate the least possible impact.
Even a cloudy day is amazing at the beach in Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige.

As expressed by Carmona, 42% of the guests are repeaters, which shows great loyalty towards the brand.

Natalia Diaz Stalenhoef, Trade Marketing Manager America, explained that Iberostar products include all-inclusive beach resorts, city hotels and heritage hotels that are found in heritage buildings.

Regarding the concept of solitary travelers, Carmona responded that they have contemplated it, but that they have not yet deepened in the idea.

Now, a brief opinion of the Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige

Although I had already stayed at resorts included in press trips, I have never stayed at a place like this by choice. I did not understand this well to go to a place-comfortable, luxurious-and do nothing but rest, sunbathe and eat. In part, because my trips are very intense, where I always need to be busy doing something.

Private beach Club Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige

After my stay at the Star Prestige two things happened: first, I rested. It was necessary after a very busy year, both work and personally. I understood why so many people decide to go to a luxury resort to not worry about anything, ideal for those who live an office life and want to escape from all kinds of stress.

And although I changed my perspective to the all-inclusive, I realized that the type of resort that I do not like is exactly the one that is next to the Star Prestige: a crowded place, where the umbrellas practically collide with each other in the beach, with very strong music.

View from the beach. Iberostar Star Prestige (left).
View from my balcony, 7th floor.

On the other hand, in the Star Prestige, everything is calm, rest and silence. The music is never too loud and as soon as you have a problem it is solved. So be careful with the Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige, because you can get used to it. And if you get used to it, the next step is to become a member.

All information regarding rates and categories can be found on the website of Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige.

* Pets are not allowed.
** There are options for those who have a food allergy (gluten, lactose, etc.), they should only inform in advance.

Many thanks to all the staff who made my experience at the Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige a great stay, especially Dominique, Fernando, and Fernanda. And, of course, to Sofi and Paula who made this trip possible.

Address Iberostar Cancun, México
Boulevard Kukulcan km. 17
CP: 77500
TEL: + 52 998-881-8000 FAX: +52 998-881-8082

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