How to get to Santiago from the airport


So you are planning to go to Santiago de Chile? Congrats! That’s my hometown. I’m traveling all the time, therefore, I know all the options to get to downtown, from the Santiago’s airport to the city.

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Unfortunately, we still haven’t connected the subway with our main Airport, but I’m sure it will be done in the upcoming years. Depending on traffic and how you get there, Santiago can be reached in 20 to 45 minutes. Just keep in mind that the Metro doesn’t run 24 hours a day, so you may need to adjust your travel plans accordingly.

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How to get to Santiago from the airport: options


Private taxi

This is usually a more expensive option than a regular taxi. They should be able to give you a fixed price when you reserve the car. You can also request the staff at your accommodation to book you a private taxi.

Regular Taxi

Getting to Santiago from the airport by taxi is very simple but it’s not the cheapest option unless you split with other people. You should expect to pay about between $12,000 CLP and $30,000 CLP for a ride to or from the airport but it all depends on your starting location and traffic. You can request a taxi at the airport from one of the taxi company counters located just after you exit Customs. Most of these companies accept credit cards so you don’t have to worry about exchanging money for local currency.

You can also take one of the taxis outside the airport but I advise you to take the first option. If you are going to the airport you can request a taxi from your accommodation or just stop one in the street.

Be sure to show the driver the address you are going to, otherwise, they may trick you and charge you more at your destination. You can also book online or call the numbers displayed on their English website.



Yes, we have Uber in Chile and I love it. For me, it is the best option and it’s cheaper and safer than a taxi. Unfortunately, they are still not legal and taxi drivers are against them, so just try to act as you were a close friend of the driver and sit in the front.

Wait for your car outside the Holiday Inn Santiago Airport Hotel located outside the arrivals level. Fares Airport to Santiago City Center: UberX CLP $9.450 UberXL CLP $16.200.


Cabify is a very similar option to Uber, but slightly more expensive. You can book a ride on their app or through their website. Fares Airport to Santiago City Center: starting at CL $ 17,850

Buses and Shuttles


Centropuerto offers an efficient budget rate service connecting the airport with the city center. They are available every day of the year. leave from right outside the arrivals hall, and you can buy tickets on the bus or from the ticket desks inside the terminal. Their buses leave from right outside the arrivals hall every 10 minutes from the airport from 6 am until 11:30 pm and drops passengers at Los Héroes Metro station on the main avenue Alameda and to the airport from 5:55 am until 10:30 pm.

You can find the Centropuerto stops near this metro stations: Los Héroes, Estación Central, Universidad de Santiago, San Alberto Hurtado, Las Rejas and Pajaritos. You can buy tickets on the bus or from the ticket desks inside the terminal. It costs CL $1.800.


TurBus offer 45-minute long transfers to the airport.

From the airport to Terminal Alameda: Between 5:00 am until midnight every 20 minutes. After that, every hour until 4:00 am, every day of the week. They leave at the first level next to exit 5.

To the airport, stops are located at:

  • Terminal Alameda near Metro Universidad de Santiago, platforms 22 and 23 between 5:00 am up to 11:00 pm every 20 minutes, then every hour until 01:00 am from Monday to Sunday.
  • Terminal San Borja near Metro Estación Central at platforms 9 and 10 every hoy starting at 6:45 am until 8.30 pm.
  • Pajaritos Metro station.

Service every 20 minutes starting at 6:20 am until 10:50 pm. Sunday only between 08:20 am until 10:50 pm. Transfers cost $1.700 CLP each way and $2.800 CLP for a round trip. This may not be the best option for you if you’re traveling with a lot of luggage.


Delfos also has a counter at the airport and offers shared or private transport services. Additionally, you can submit your request online. Unfortunately, it does not list current prices, but they are usually all competitive. If you book online you get a 10% discount. They have a desk at the airport. Their website is in Spanish only.


TransVip is a shuttle service, offering private cars, taxis, and shuttle vans. Prices depend on your choice of vehicle and where your starting point is. Keep in mind that your trip will take longer as the shuttle van may stop to pick up or drop off passengers at multiple locations. You can book online, call them, or ask your hotel staff to call them. They have a desk at the airport.

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