8 reasons to visit Seoul now

It’s time to expand your horizons and forget for a while about Paris, New York and London. And I do love London. I will give you 8 reasons to visit Seoul… now! First I have to be honest: not so long ago all I knew about this place was that Korea was split into two and the […]

Summer school in Seoul, South Korea

When I considered going back to university, I always dreamt about the idea of ​​studying a couple of years in Australia. But I couldn’t do it and I was quite frustrated because I had to limit my trips to the summer and winter holidays. Still, I managed to travel at least 4-5 months a year during […]

I visited a cat cafe in Korea and I didn’t like it

What do travel and cats have in common? That I’m obsessed with both. I love cats since a very young age and I grew up surrounded by Hello Kitty’s toys and accessories. I never had a cat as a pet because my mother hates them, she has some kind of phobia. Once I had a […]

Welcome to the DMZ: “the most dangerous place on earth”

It is impossible for me to start this article without saying that this is the highlight of my Korean exchange summer school program. As a future journalist, my continuing interest in society, politics, and travel have increased my need to see the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) for myself. Some of the students, including myself, were really intrigued […]