My unsafe experience in San Pedro de Atacama

In this post, I will tell in detail everything about safety in San Pedro de Atacama and how I got robbed. Also, this was my first (and disastrous) experience with Worldpackers. Everything happened between December 28 and January 1st, 2017. I hope the facts speak for themselves. Also read: Things to do in San Pedro de […]

An opinion about travel blogs

I thought for several weeks —or months I should say— about writing this article. But I didn’t want to be harsh. I am not an expert in travel blogs and I don’t pretend to be one. I built this site during a very difficult time when I barely had time to go to the bathroom. […]

[Interview] I worked as a stripper in New Zealand

When you are planning a long trip overseas under a Working Holiday visa, a lot of questions might arise and maybe the most important one is which job are you going to do. You’ve heard a lot of stories from other backpackers and how they worked hard picking kiwis in farms, cleaning toilets, working in hostels or […]

14 curious facts about South Korea

Curious facts about South Korea The time I spent in South Korea was short but intense. In a month I could see a lot of peculiarities of this Asian country. I was able to confirm some of my observations and discuss them with my Korean Society and Culture professor at the University of Seoul. She was […]

Open letter to the journalist that stole my content

My content has been stolen. Someone took the Spanish version of 5 reasons working on ships is not glamorous, my most shared article, and published on 3 different websites! Some of you might not understand why I’m so frustrated and upset. You might not see it as a big thing. But I hope you read […]