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My name is Fran and I’m a journalist and full time traveler. My mission in La Vida Nomade is to share my experiences to help others.

The motto of this blog is: travel, learn, share.



Next time you meet some latinos, PLEASE don’t ask this!

Do you want to know how is working on cruise ships? You are in the right place.

This is a tough question. Let me help you with your luggage.

8 reasons why you should consider breaking up with your girlfriend and travel solo. Just kidding!


An opinion about travel blogs

I thought for several weeks —or months I should say— about writing this article. But I didn't want to be harsh. I am not an expert in travel blogs and I don't pretend to be one. I built this site during a very difficult time when I barely had time to go to the...

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La Vida Nomade’s first Liebster award!

So I've got nominated for my first Liebster Award, yey!!! What the hell is that? Well, it's an award given to bloggers by other bloggers who deserve recognition. Isn't that sweet? So this is how it goes: the nominee has to answer a bunch of questions given by the...

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I worked as a stripper in New Zealand

When you are planning a long trip overseas under a Working Holiday visa, a lot of questions might arise and maybe the most important one is which job are you going to do. You've heard a lot of stories from other backpackers and how they worked hard picking kiwis in...

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5 reasons why you should work on a cruise ship

Why should you consider working on a cruise ship? Whaaat? Wasn't me who wrote 5 reasons working on ships is not glamorous? Yep. Actually, it's one of my most visited and controversial posts. But as everything has its dark side —or not very glamorous—, there is also a...

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Crew Life: What should I pack

I thought about writing this article every time I had to pack my suitcase before heading to a new contract. Each time, the same dilemma arose: what should I pack? This is not an easy task considering that we need clothes and accessories for six months (or more) in...

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The truth about working on cruise ships

“Discover exotic places while you work”, “this is the only job where you actually are on holiday”. With this tempting phrases, working on cruise ships and travelling the world while you save money turns into a very attractive idea. The requirements are: speak a high...

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6 typical Chilean dishes you should try

Whenever I'm travelling for long periods of time I start missing Chilean food, notable for the variety of flavours and huge array of seafood products. Sometimes I hear foreigners say that they didn't find anything particular about our gastronomy, but let me point you...

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How to get to Santiago from the airport

So you are planning to go to Santiago de Chile? Congrats! That's my hometown. Since I'm travelling all the time, I know all the options to get to downtown Santiago from the airport. Unfortunately, we still haven't connected the subway with our main Airport, but I'm...

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Female guide for your first solo travel

GUIDE FOR YOUR FIRST SOLO TRAVEL After participating in an online chat invited by Worldpackers, I realized that there are many things that for me (or for other travelers) may seem obvious. And they are not. We become so easily accustomed to this nomadic life that we...

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