My unsafe experience in San Pedro de Atacama

In this post, I will tell in detail everything about safety in San Pedro de Atacama and how I got robbed. Also, this was my first (and disastrous) experience with Worldpackers. Everything happened between December 28 and January 1st, 2017. I hope the facts speak for themselves. Also read: Best things to do in San Pedro […]

Happy in the Sky Costanera in Santiago, Chile

sky costanera in santiago

This tour I’m about to describe should be considered by those persons that are planning to visit Santiago. Going up to the Sky Costanera building is an excellent choice for foreigners visiting Chile and this tour is a great way to do it. I entered a Facebook giveaway for a Happy in the Sky tour […]

Learn these 8 useful and basic phrases to know in any language


Every time I travel, I write down basic phrases to know in the language of the country I’m visiting, useful words or phrases that I believe are essential for every traveler. Obviously, 8 basic phrases are not enough to communicate, but I think that being able to say “Hi” or “Thank you” in the language […]

Antumalal hotel in Pucon: more than a hotel, an experience


The flight from Santiago, the capital of Chile, to Temuco, in the region of La Araucanía, lasted a bit more than an hour. We were three journalists with a mission: spend three days and two nights in the 5 star-hotel Antumalal, only 2 kilometers from Pucón, to taste the the new winter season menu. We […]

Chilean travel blogger creates bracelet to communicate everywhere

Chilean travel blogger creates bracelet

One of the biggest concerns of people when traveling to countries where they do not speak their language is to be able to communicate. Maybe you remember that t-shirt that got crazy famous a few months ago, the one that showed you a series of useful symbols when traveling, precisely to end or minimise this fear. […]