Welcome to the DMZ: “the most dangerous place on earth”

It is impossible for me to start this article without saying that this is the highlight of my Korean exchange summer school program. As a future journalist, my continuing interest in society, politics, and travel have increased my need to see the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) for myself. Some of the students, including myself, were really intrigued […]

Couchsurfing: sleeping with strangers

“Relax”, said the Russian man to the Chilean girl. But the Chilean was shivering. She was blindfolded, she was grabbed by two. The Chilean girl got carried away. The Russian guy threw five knives that burst five balloons strategically placed in her body: one in her mouth, one under each arm, one between her knees […]

5 reasons to visit Poland

Visit Poland? Why? This is a question I get a lot when people hear me talking about this great Slavic country. When they want to travel to Europe, they are talking about the big capitals, like Paris or London. If they want to get off the beaten path, they might choose Prague or Budapest. And […]

How can we help Nepal?

How can we help Nepal? As you all may by now, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck Nepal on April 25. Up to 4,000 people have died in the disaster. As posted in The NY Times: “Many of the hardest-hit villages in Nepal are beyond the government’s reach after the earthquake, and it is difficult to assess the […]

The truth about working on cruise ships

This is the truth about working onboard cruise ships “Discover exotic places while you work”, “this is the only job where you actually are on holiday”. With this tempting phrases, working on cruise ships and traveling the world while you save money turns into a very attractive idea. The requirements are: speak a high level […]