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I love stories and I like to read what other bloggers have to say. But I also like to know their point of view about certain destinations. There are so many good bloggers out there, that with just one post they can convince me to add a city into my travel bucket list. On the other side, I get really annoyed with all the amount of “copy/paste” posts taken from other blogs and all the inspirational quotes like “travel before you can”, for me they are just an old trick to gain followers. What about the content? Luckily there are a lot of travellers telling nice stories, just for the pleasure of doing it. Getting paid is always a good thing, but when the focus of a blog is all about profit it seems to kill the soul of things.

In no particular order, here I made a selection of my 5 favourite blogs of 2015 that I will probably keep on reading in 2016.



When I won a scholarship to go to Summer School in South Korea, I had to do a lot of research in a very short period of time. I knew nothing about Seoul. And thanks to my best friend Google, I found Migrationology, a blog about exploring a country through its food, as his author Mark Wiens says. His blog is totally original, his videos are entertaining and literally you have to go and get some Vietnamese or Japaneses food right the way. Thanks to Migrationology, I took with me a bunch of great things to do in Seoul and Tokyo. Definitely, Mark it’s a guru about Asian food. And his blog it’s not all about yummy dishes, he also includes stories behing every specialty.



This is not the home of his blog, but his Twitter. Bo is the author od #ViajesChat, the first travel Twitter chat in Spanish.

Bo Saldaña is the author of ElMundoOk, and as his “about” section says, he was born in Iquitos, Perú, but was adopted by Malaga, Spain. He created #ViajesChat, the first travel chat in Twitter (every Tuesday at 9 pm, Spanish time), where I met amazing people that is always open to share their tips and travel experiences. But the thing I like the most about Bo is that he doesn’t have that egocentrism that I often find in a lot of travel blogs, as he shares his stories and tips with joy and humble. He also managed to convince me to include Malaga into my travel bucket list. Bo writes in Spanish.



Melissa from Abrokenbackpack is funny, simple and authentic. This French Canadian girl might not be the most popular blogger out there, but I bet she will be soon. I think that the amount of bloggers writing just to gain money or popularity are growing, but Melissa is not one of them and that’s why I kept coming back to her blog during 2015. She writes about travel, but also about some personal experiences, like when she felt in love with an English backpacker or about the fear of having a “normal” life on land.  She writes in English and French. Merci Melissa!



Even though I’ve been travelling for a little over than 8 years, this blog had helped me to cheer up in some moments and to find valuable information about South East Asia. The purpose of Eli Zubiria, a Spanish journalist, is to show through her blog  Vida de Viajera that women can travel on their own and she also motivate those who need a little bit of encouragement. As my other favourite blogs of 2015, I think that Eli doesn’t suffer from that self-centered blogger ego that keeps me away from certain travel sites. They all demonstrate the authenticity I look for whenever I’m looking for interesting posts to read —and in life in general—. Eli blogs in Spanish.



I found Pablo’s and Ilze’s blog the same way I find every thing: through Google. Even though they ask for donations in their blog TheCrazyTravel, they wander the world in old school style, exchanging work for hospitality, using Couchsurfing, autostop or just saving money before they depart. I think that, even though it’s not exactly a “pretty” blog nor easy to browse, TheCrazyTravel is very real, they share their love for travel without having to use pictures of sexy blondes in bikinis or staged photos in front of beautiful landscapes. As always, content is king. They write in English, Spanish and Latvian.

Do you have any recommendations for 2016? Let me know in the comments or in my Twitter account @nomad_fran

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