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How to travel from Santiago to Valparaiso

You have three options to travel from from Santiago to Valparaiso: by car, bus and private tours. In both cases you will take less than two hours and you can go to Valparaiso for the weekend if you wish.

como viajar a valparaiso desde santiago

Travel to Valparaiso from Santiago by car

To travel to Valparaiso by car, you have to take route 68. The trip lasts just under an hour and a half, depending on traffic. It is necessary to pay a toll.

Get to Valparaiso by bus

Another very popular and simple way is to travel to Valparaiso from Santiago is by bus. You have two options: take transportation from the bus terminal in Santiago or from the Pajaritos Metro station on Line 1 where buses depart to the coast. The road lasts an hour and a half.

The trips leave with a frequency of 20 minutes, approximately.

It is not necessary to buy the ticket in advance, except in high season or when a long weekend is coming. It must be taken into account that prices rise considerably on those dates.

How much does the ticket from Santiago to Valparaiso cost?

The ticket between costs between $ 2,700 and $ 4,000 Chilean pesos (2019). It is more convenient to buy round trip tickets. You can get them online on the websites indicated below. The return can be left open and confirmed before the trip at the window.

Transport companies

You can check all bus companies and compare prices in these websites:

To go to Valparaiso on a private tour I suggest looking for options through your hotel.

As you can see, traveling to Valparaiso from Santiago is extremely easy and affordable!

Have fun and check my list of Best things to do in Valparaiso on a weekend.

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Fran Opazo

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John Eyberg · 5 February, 2020 at 5:29 am

Hi, Fran—I arrived in Valpo yesterday and knows nothing else except I needed lodging, I took your recommendation of Casa Volante Hostel. However, there was a HUGE info gap: individuals must ascend (or descend) a significant set of stairs. Since “ageing out” two years ago and my muscles have begun the inevitable degeneration, I’ve become dependent upon a cane/walking stick. Stairs are increasingly becoming a real challenge. Whilst this hostel has plenty of character and I do enjoy it, it is NOT for a disabled person!
I find that most people don’t consider mobility issues for us travellers. I know a few years ago, becoming “physically limited” like I am now was unthinkable. Now, my confidence/knowledge of real limitations alters previously unquestioned activities (Batu Cave or the Summer Palace in Lhasa? Forget it!)
Ironically, Fran, six years ago, a very healthy/pre-“aged out” me escorted my then 84-year old mother overseas for two months (I was a teacher in a traditional track school district). She used a cane/stick similar to me, and her arms were black-and-blue, because I was always “helping” her to move faster. This bruising wasn’t painful for her, but it was due to her taking warfarin and the mild pressure I exerted on her arms.
That was undoubtedly bad karma then because I now suffer very nearly the same issues, except I take no drugs other than caffeine!

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