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You would not believe how many questions I get every week. And since I don’t want to leave any question unanswered —maybe because I’m a very anxious person— I decided to open this space so you can ask whatever you want.

01 | How can I work on cruise ships? / How is life on board?

It doesn’t work for me if I open a special category in order to answer that question if you don’t read the articles included. Inform yourself, look for the best option, check my articles and then take decisions. You can do this for yourself or you can hire my consulting services. 

02 | Why did you start this blog?

I had the idea a long time ago. And a lot of people suggested me to do so, but the thing that really triggered my decision was this thought: what if one day I just lose my memory and I can’t remember anything? What if one day I become senile? And La Vida Nómade was born.

03 | Why do you blog in English and Spanish?

Bloody the day I took this decision! At the beginning, La Vida Nomade was written just in Spanish, but I always had the idea of having a bilingual blog. Half of my life goes on in English and I’ve got a lot of friends with whom I communicate just in that language. I’ve been studying English since I’m 5 years old, but anyways my written skills are not as fluent as in Spanish. Sometimes I just blog in English and then I translate it and vice-versa.

04 | Why have you worked in so many things?

Instead of Francisca, my name should be the seeker. Since always I’ve liked doing different things. A couple of times I worked In an office and I felt trapped, as I was acting in a bad movie of my life. Sometimes is not easy, but it makes me happy. And no, I’ve never been fired.

04 | May I add you in Facebook?

My personal Facebook account is private. I just add friends, relatives and people with whom I have daily contact. Sometimes people add me and they start asking questions that are already answered in this blog. If you have any particular question that hasn’t been answered you can send me an email or use the contact form.

If you want to be in contact with me I suggest you to do through the blog’s Twitter @lavidanomade, on the Facebook group and Instagram. You an also follow me on my personal Twitter account @nomad_fran.

*If you have a question, leave it in the comments below. I try to update this section every start of the month or before if I’m able to do so.

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