Antumalal hotel in Pucon: more than a hotel, an experience


My experience at Hotel Antumalal The flight from Santiago, the capital of Chile, to Temuco, in the region of La Araucanía, lasted a bit more than an hour. We were three journalists with a mission: spend three days and two nights in the 5 star-hotel Antumalal, only 2 kilometers from Pucón, to taste the the […]

Chilean travel blogger creates bracelet to communicate everywhere

Chilean travel blogger creates bracelet

One of the biggest concerns of people when traveling to countries where they do not speak their language is to be able to communicate. Maybe you remember that t-shirt that got crazy famous a few months ago, the one that showed you a series of useful symbols when traveling, precisely to end or minimise this fear. […]

Chilean Travel Bloggers share their best tips to buy souvenirs in Chile

Chilean Travel Bloggers

Tips to buy souvenirs in Chile Something I always do on my trips is searching for that special thing that will always remind me of the place I have visited. I have a huge collection of travel magnets but I also like to get scarves or tote bags. I do this research because I don’t like to […]

Worldpackers: accommodation in exchange for your skills

accommodation in exchange for your skills

This travel site helps you find accommodation in exchange for your skills. Mmm sounds like work, but what if I tell you that these skills include helping with social network, promoting parties or preparing cocktails? If there is something I envy of our ancestors (apart from living life without social networks) is that they used barter as […]

6 typical Chilean dishes you should try

typical Chilean dishes

Whenever I’m travelling for long periods of time I start missing Chilean food, notable for the variety of flavours and huge array of seafood products. Sometimes I hear foreigners say that they didn’t find anything particular about our gastronomy, but let me point you the right way with these 6 Chilean typical dishes you should try. […]