Summer school in Seoul, South Korea

When I considered going back to university, I always dreamt about the idea of ​​studying a couple of years in Australia. But I couldn’t do it and I was quite frustrated because I had to limit my trips to the summer and winter holidays. Still, I managed to travel at least 4-5 months a year during […]

8 landscapes that will convince you to visit Chile

Get inspired to visit Chile Every time I travel and I say I’m from Chile, people just stare at me, totally blank. When I say that it is in South America and they are still confused, I would say “is that very thin and long country between the Pacific ocean and Argentina”. “Ahhh, Argentina! Then you […]

8 things latin travelers hate: stereotypes and misconceptions

The world is full of stereotypes, as we know, and we, latin people are no exception. Here is a list I made about the questions I get most of the time, everywhere I go. Always with humor! 1 | Why do you have fair skin? Latin people doesn’t have a specific race. We are all mixed […]

I visited a cat cafe in Korea and I didn’t like it

What do travel and cats have in common? That I’m obsessed with both. I love cats since a very young age and I grew up surrounded by Hello Kitty’s toys and accessories. I never had a cat as a pet because my mother hates them, she has some kind of phobia. Once I had a […]

Couchsurfing: sleeping with strangers

“Relax”, said the Russian man to the Chilean girl. But the Chilean was shivering. She was blindfolded, she was grabbed by two. The Chilean girl got carried away. The Russian guy threw five knives that burst five balloons strategically placed in her body: one in her mouth, one under each arm, one between her knees […]