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Every time I travel, I write down basic phrases to know in the language of the country I’m visiting, useful words or phrases that I believe are essential for every traveler.

Obviously, 8 basic phrases are not enough to communicate, but I think that being able to say “Hi” or “Thank you” in the language of the country you visit has a positive influence on the way locals treat you.

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And thanks to this, I’ve been almost treated very well, most of the time. I also suggest using Google Translate to ask questions or make more elaborate answers. These are the 8 basic phrases to know in any language that I recommend:

  • Hello
  • Please
  • Thank you
  • Help
  • How much? (Cost)
  • Bye
  • Another beer (I suggest using “please” at the end of this one)
  • Where is the toilet? (You can just modify the last word to ask for other places you need to go to)

I will be adding more languages in the upcoming weeks. You can save this cards on your phone. While this blog doesn’t allow right click bottom, you can save this images on Pinterest or screenshot them.

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Fran Opazo

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