If you want to know a little more about me, you are in the perfect spot. I am a journalist, ex fashion designer, occasional crew member and unstoppable traveller. I’ve also been a waitress, a bartender, make up artist, English teacher, DJ, jewelry specialist, recepcionist on a ship full of old people, gardener, just to name a few legal jobs. I like Japanese food, beer and men with strange accents. My dad says my worst fault is being direct. I think it’s my best attribute!

A brief summary

2004 – 2007 | I worked as a fashion designer.

2007 | I went backpacking 40 days to Costa Rica and Panama and everything changed.

2008 | One night I had a dream about New Zealand. So I left my design career and apply for a gift job position in Carnival 

2009 | After two contracts on board and a broken heart, I went to New Zealand for six months.

2010 | I was missing shiplife. I went back to ships and asked to be transferred to Royal Caribbean.

2011 – 2012 | I started university again (journalism). I managed to travel about 4-5 months every year during my studies.

2013 | I left university for a semester and I worked for Princess cruises.

2014 – 2015 | This blog was born, I kept on studying and I started working in Norwegian.

2016 | I sold everything. Now I’m free to live La Vida Nomade! Or The Nomad Life, if you prefer.

2017 | I went back to Chile for family reasons and travel a lot around the country. I also participated in press trips in other countries in South America.

2018 | I started working writing for the Chilean Tourism Board and finally was offered a remote job in a travel agency.

Warning: this post might be long. Grab a beer

Since I was very young I wanted to travel the world —like almost every travel blogger—, but I just did on my mind through theatre and literature. Until I was 16 years old, when I travelled to the north of Chile for a school trip. In Atacama I met a 36 year old guy. He introduced himself as Frambuesa —Raspberry—. He told me he was just returning from a long trip overseas. He was a mix of a modern hippie and a homecoming soldier, with an eternal smile and a lot of stories to tell. There was something in him, a mysterious world that I would not know, until years later.

Time passed by, I went to university and I saw the other Chile. I spent sooo many years dedicated to night life and bohemian life. I was an intruder in a world were apparently I didn’t belong. Tattoos, coloured hair, incomplete love affairs, they all came together. It was the lost decade. Until I travelled to Costa Rica. Since then, I couldn’t stop anymore.
I met people that only seemed to find themselves comfortable when they were on the move, that didn’t seem to enjoy a “serious and stable” lifestyle, a place were nobody cares in which school you studied at. Back in Chile I left my designer career and I decided to travel around the world. But there was a problem: I didn’t have enough money. So, let’s see, what shall I do, I asked myself. So I found in Google a job ad in a not very professional website: “We are looking for sales assistants on board cruise ships”.

Perfect! So I can go for one contract, save some money and go to New Zealand, I thought. And I did it. In less than a month I was on board Carnival Paradise. Mi mother thought it was a shady business instead of a real job on board a ship, maybe related to prostitution. But it was not. Really. One year later I went to New Zealand. I cleaned kitchens, I hiked glaciers, I lived life. I was incredibly happy for 6 months.

The problem was I already had the crew member disease, the one that keeps you coming back to the ship again and again. Then, one day I decided to go back to university. I wanted to tell stories, but I wanted to do it seriously. Also I had a pending debt with my dad. So I spent 4 years and a half dancing in the journalists party, working on cruise ships on summer holidays and backpacking in winter.

Meanwhile, to calm the anxiety of not being able to travel full time, this blog was born, where I share my experiences around the globe. Until now, I’ve been in about 35 countries. And I will keep travelling! Because among nomads and stories is were I belong, as a journalist, blogger, English teacher or sales assistant, I will continue living La Vida Nomade. Welcome.